The Higdon Group Buyer's First Impressions The best journey takes you home

A buyers first impression will be the community itself.  How wide the streets are, the condition of the common areas, how well maintained other homes are.  Then, the buyer will assess the curb appeal of homes listed for sale in that community and the subject property as well.  What, if anything, stands out as issues or is everything looking just perfect?    If the buyer likes what they see... they will usually investigate further. 

What is the condition of the front landscape and walkway leading to the main entrance? Is the Front door in good condition? Does the doorbell work? Are the windows and screens clean?

Now, the interior spaces.
Are there any odors? Is everything organized and put away? Does the property  appear like a model home and show well or is the property looking very tired and outdated?
These are all conversations that should be addresses with clients, whether the Seller or the Buyer.

Without a doubt, experience and knowledge of a seasoned agent does make a difference in the client's bottom line.